Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for Actis-Mentor Management.

Actis-Mentor management proposed a mixed use development project, the Garden City, located along the Nairobi-Thika highway in 2012. The project is in line with vision 2030 and the development comprised of modern offices, retail section, residential houses, creation of a central park (common area), perimeter wall and access gate and internal roads, paths and parking spaces. The project therefore entailed retail, residential and commercial parts, linked around a landscape heart incorporating a cultural event space. ESF carried out an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment with the objectives of Identifying and analysing the impacts of the development on the natural environment; Evaluating the impacts of the project on the socio-cultural environment; Assessing the impacts on infrastructure and social amenities; Assessing and predict any effects on sensitive ecosystems; Formulating an Environmental and Social Management Plan (EMP).

In 2002 ESF carried out an Environmental Impact Assessment for the Development of American Embassy Diplomatic Village in Rossyln, Nairobi for Insurance Company of East Africa (ICEA). The project aimed at developing a 60 high-end housing units project that was to be on a 60-years lease basis to the American Embassy for its foreign staff. The Environmental Impact Assessment emphasized on sewage and wastewater management as the area didn’t have sewer line and effects on the ecosystem due to location next to riparian ecosystem.