Our ESIA goes further than just permitting to ensuring that the management plans developed are implemented and monitored. This we do by developing Environmental and Social Management Systems that can be seen to be similar to accepted international frameworks for quality and environmental management systems, such as ISO 9001 and 14001.

Permitting Register

We also develop legal register on behalf of our clients to monitor compliance to Country’s permitting framework and update our clients on changes in legal framework as they arise.

Under this we have the following services:

• Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and Permitting
• Strategic Environmental Assessment
• Environmental and Social Management Systems
• Resettlement Planning
• ESM Implementation Monitoring

Case Studies

Case Study for Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and Permitting

Kesses Photovoltaic Solar Power Project Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Study

ESF Consultants completes ESIA study for the proposed 40 MW grid connected Solar Photovoltaic plant in Kesses Division of Uasin Gishu County Republic of Kenya by Kenya Solarfarms B.V. The study was undertaken to satisfy both the requirements of International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Kenya Environmental Management and Coordination Act (EMCA). This was the second assignment ESF was completing for the same client after successfully implementation of the first phase of 40MW solar photovoltaic project in the same region

Some of the services that ESF offers to its clients in the manufacturing sector include:

• Waste management planning
• Occupational and Industrial Health and Safety
• Environmental Due Diligence Audits
• Environmental Permitting and Compliance Services
• Sustainable Process Design
• Occupational Health and Safety Audit

Our clients in the industrialization and manufacturing sector include:

Kenya Tea Development Agency
British American Tobacco
General Motors
Crown Berger Paints

Case Study for the Manufacturing Sector

British America Tobacco Environmental and Social Audit

British America Tobacco (BAT), the leading tobacco company in the Sub Saharan Africa Area proposed Environmental Audits for its factories in Kenya. BAT covers a vast area from Senegal in the West to Mauritius in the East; and from Mauritania and Eritrea in the North to Madagascar in the South. In East Africa, BAT grows tobacco leaf as well as manufactures tobacco products both for domestic and export markets. In Nairobi, Kenya the factory is one of the Group’s centers of manufacturing excellence and with a green leaf threshing plant in Thika. The factory in Kenya is one of four factories in the Africa Middle East (AME) Region that has been named a center of manufacturing excellence for the Region. ESF carried out the exercise that audited the company’s production process at every step of manufacturing products. Issues that were looked at included, waste, energy efficiency, emissions, hazards and pollution.

More Case Studies

We achieve these through:

1. Baseline surveys to understand the communities structures, issues, among others
2. Risk Assessments
3. Identifying CSR programs
4. Community Needs Assessments
5. Stakeholder Engagement and Management
6. Corporate Social Responsibility
7. Local Content

We help our clients build strong, constructive, and responsive relationships with local communities that are essential for the successful management of a project's.

By engaging with stakeholders we mitigate the risks associated with poor stakeholder relations and the improve the opportunities provided by constructive ones.

Case Study

Case Study for Corporate Social Responsibility

ENI sustainability advisors in Kenya

ESF Consultants is supporting ENI work in Kenya by updating their legal register, and developing Corporate Social Responsibility investment program.

Our services include:

• Climate Change and mitigation
• Gender Mainstreaming


We understand that projects may have different impacts on women and men, due to their differentiated socioeconomic roles and their varying degrees of control over and access to assets, productive resources, and employment opportunities.

We help our clients assessing risks and impacts associated with gender and propose measures designed to ensure that one gender is not disadvantaged relative to the other in the context of the project.

Case Study

Case study for Climate Change and Mitigation

Advising World Bank funded Kenya Agricultural Carbon Finance on environmental and social assessment.

The Kenya Agricultural Carbon Finance Project targeted small scale farmers and aimed at improving their yields and farm productivity while at the same time generating carbon assets through payment for environmental services. ESF Consultants was involved in assessing the environmental and social impact assessment for the propose Sustainable Agricultural Land Management (SALM) practices