Environmental Assessment of Sub Marine Fibre Optic Cable System

ESF Consultants has been contracted by SEACOM to assess the environmental implications of the proposed sub-sea telecommunications cable system that will link southern and eastern Africa with the global telecommunications infrastructure via Egypt, India and South Africa.

The SEA Cable System project in Kenya is made up of two components: Marine and Terrestrial. The marine component consists of the marine fibre optic cable from the point at which it enters Kenya??s Territorial Waters (12 nautical miles offshore), to landfall at Mombasa, and to the point of connection with the terrestrial component of the project at Swahili Cultural Centre. The landing site is to be located in the coastal town of Mombasa and the exact location of the onshore terrestrial component will be 04?? 03.707 S, 39?? 40.814 E, at the Swahili Cultural Centre. ESF Consultants is undertaking a marine and terrestrial assessment of the project within the Kenya territorial waters.